Klavieriki – Konzert im Salon Dreiklang 2019

The duet’s diverse program is characterized through many-faceted performances. In the evening spotlight, the Clang-Clowns feel just as at home, as on the sunny street party. For both children and adults, Klavieriki offer joyful music theater that combines expressive stage work and classical piano playing. The piano duo from Berlin also appreciates the cooperation with children’s and educational institutions as well as charitable projects.
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Family Concert:

♪ Richard Eilenberg – St. Petersburg Sleigh Ride, Op.57, piano, four-handed
♪ Alberto Ginastera – Dance of the Arrogant Cowboy, Pianor Solo
♪ Franz Liszt – Consolation No.3, Arrangement by Klavieriki, piano, four-handed
♪ Valery Gavrilin – Tarantella Klavier, piano, four-handed
♪ Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowsky – Song of Naples Arrangement by Klavieriki for two Melodicas
♪ Chopsticks – Play along with the audience
♪ Jazz Variations of the song «Im Walde steht ein Tannenbaum» piano, three-handed and vocals
♪ Bach/ Kurtág – Actus Tragicus – God’s Time is the Best Time, piano, four-handed
♪ Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowsky – Nutcracker Suite – Russian Dance ‘Trepak’, piano, four-handed
♪ Manfred Schmitz – Boogie Woogie, piano, four-handed

Duration 50min.

Klavieriki introducing themselves:

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