Family Concert:

♪ Richard Eilenberg – St. Petersburg Sleigh Ride, Op.57, piano, four-handed
♪ Alberto Ginastera – Dance of the Arrogant Cowboy, Pianor Solo
♪ Franz Liszt – Consolation No.3, Arrangement by Klavieriki, piano, four-handed
♪ Valery Gavrilin – Tarantella Klavier, piano, four-handed
♪ Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowsky – Song of Naples Arrangement by Klavieriki for two Melodicas
♪ Chopsticks – Play along with the audience
♪ Jazz Variations of the song «Im Walde steht ein Tannenbaum» piano, three-handed and vocals
♪ Bach/ Kurtág – Actus Tragicus – God’s Time is the Best Time, piano, four-handed
♪ Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowsky – Nutcracker Suite – Russian Dance ‘Trepak’, piano, four-handed
♪ Manfred Schmitz – Boogie Woogie, piano, four-handed

Duration 50min.

Klavieriki introducing themselves:

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